Sunday, 3 March 2013

Just to let you all know I'm still here..

Yes! Sorry guys, I know my blog has been hideously un-active for while now. There have been a lot of things going which means my blogging has taken a back seat. This won't continue for long and I will make more of an effort to post!

Otherwise, here's a little update on what's been going on/will be going on:

  • Third year at uni... *cries* 
  • Work, work and more work.
  • I'm getting ready for two MA journalism interviews later this month which, quite frankly, I'm VERY VERY (very) nervous about. So I've been prepping for those by reading the news everyday and trying to memorize some of the important events that have taken place in media land. I might even prepare a little speech.. who knows. My first one is next week, eek! Wish me luck!!!! 
  • I went to see the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern on Friday with the boyfriend. The exhibition as a whole was great. Lichtenstein's use of primary colours, heavy outlines and his mimicry of comic cartoons was what really defines his work and being able to get up close and personal with them was pretty cool. In particular I really enjoyed his Art about Art series of works which featured his own interpretations, or parodies, of great masterful pieces which incorporated elements of pop imagery, deconstructing their classical stature to make it his own. I loved his interpretations of Picasso's works. I definitely recommend a visit for any pop-art enthusiast. 
  • I'll be going to Amsterdam at the end of the month, courtesy of Top Deck travel to do some travel-writing. That should be fun! I can't wait to explore and discover the city, I'll be looking out for some cool places to eat for sure. Apparently it's the thing to try a raw herring? There are also a few places in particular that I want to see, including the Anne Frank House and the Amsterdam Museum. I also hear that there are some good art museums about. A trip to the red light district might also be on the cards...  Does anyone have any recommendations of somewhere to visit while I'm there??
  • Right now I should be getting ready for work so I'm going to end this here. 
Shall update again soon! 

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