Monday, 11 February 2013

A Pug's Guide to Etiquette by Gemma Correll.

Introducing probably THE only Pug's guide to etiquette by Gemma Correll... 

Having discovered the wonderful illustrations of Correll on Tumblr (naturally) I've been quite the enthusiast, keeping up with her stuff around the internet and seeing her works flourish. Now her designs can be found on the shirts of Urban Outfitters -  you know the ones 'Pugs Not Drugs' and 'Pug Life' - and on the jewellery of Chocolate and Steel. Her website provides a lovely insight into her daily blog and her portfolio as well as all the other marvelous creations she has for sale. So anyway, my point being is that I just LOVE her drawings and was eager to grab my copy of A Pug's Guide to Etiquette.

"The pug is a creature that plays by his own rules. When you want him to sit, he stands; when you want him to stay, he goes; and when you want him to stop eating unidentified substances off the floor, well..." 

As an owner of two Pugs herself, Correll demonstrates her expert knowledge on the etiquette of these cute little creatures. And of course what's so great about this little book is that you don't even need to own a Pug to enjoy it. I mean, I haven't got one anyway...

Filled with brilliantly humorous illustrations and a witty intelligence on the ways of the "proud, handsome, and fragrant" Pug, Correll supplies a fun, educational compendium on the grounding rules for how to be a Pug in Polite Society. From the rules surrounding how one should look in Personal Appearance & Grooming which covers the distribution of Pug hair (a generous gift left by any well-bred pug) right down to the gritty details of how one should toilet in the most elegant of manners, this nifty little manual prescribes the best solution to all Pug woes.

Correll ensures to mention other such important topics like table manners and how a Pug is to entertain their owner, which she states, is obviously through the passing of wind after dinner or the stealing of things from the washing basket...

A dutiful Pug should always perform parlor tricks for their human.
The guide continues to offer advice on how to pass time with sports and recreation. Correll warns against the farce that is fetch- no Pug should EVER reduce their standard to those "creatures of the lower social standing" (such as Labradors and humans).

Finally, of course, Correll offers readers the strict Etiquette of the Street and how any self-respecting Pug should carry themselves alongside their peers. Or indeed, with how to deal with the ignoramuses of society that simply do not understand their nature as sophisticated dogs: to drop and roll in anything that appears to be dead or rotting. Classy.

All in all, this lovely little guide is an excellent assemble on all the essentials for any Pug doggy and it certainly makes a great gift for any Pug-loving human or, in fact, ANY human who enjoys Correll's style.
The guide is available to purchase at a modest £9.99 from all good book retailers.


  1. I want a pug so badly, the ITV advert is torture :(

    I actually have the "pugs not drugs" jumper from Urban Outfitters! :) dead comfy xxxx

    1. I really want one her t-shirts, they're well cool! :) xox