Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream

I had been looking for a different base product for a while as I was disappointed by the lack of coverage I got from a best-selling BB cream I was using at the time. I tend to wear makeup everyday so I generally prefer to use lighter products on my skin, hence my forgo of using foundation for a BB cream. But I found this particular product wasn't doing anything for me so it was time to move my way down the alphabet and try a CC cream to test this whole new notion of 'colour correcting'.

Admittedly, I went in search for 'the one' blind. It was much more of a grab and go scenario, relying on pure whim to get something of quality, but at the same time within my lowly student budget.

Bourjois' CC cream appealed to me almost immediately when I saw it. The packaging is pretty persuasive, lets be honest. It claims that the cream contains three colour correcting pigments for 'a fresh and luminous result' which are apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness and white for anti-dark spots. So, aside from the fact this cream is basically anti-everything-bad-complexion, it also contains SP15 (we all need a bit sun-protection, after all) and is said to provide 24-hour hydration.

Well, it certainly won me over.

It's been three weeks now and I can honestly say I am really happy with the amount of coverage Bourjous' CC cream provides. I find that a little really goes a long way and my blemishes are effectively neutralized and seem much less dramatic (to me, anyway).

It's oil-free formula does provide the luminous glow it boasts to give your skin but without the oily sheen other products tend to leave. I would say that this is probably one of the best things about this cream if, like me, you prefer a matte complexion. Having said that, the cream has a really smooth texture and my skin genuinely feels moisturized when I apply it.


Overall I would say that this product is great for those looking for a quick fix and a natural glow without having to rely on additional concealors or illuminators to make sure you get complete coverage.

On my first use, I was told that my skin looked 'flawless'. Yes, really. And at only £9.99 it's a definite steal.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

It's 2014, yes?

(Though a quick festive round-up first!) 

1. Our teeny-tiny Christmas tree surrounded by presents. 2. A mug of something that just has to be done nearly every night of the winter season: hot chocolate with marshmallows. 3. The AWESOME gingerbread house my boyfriend bought us. 3. One of the display windows at Harrods with gorgeous Mulberry bags. 4. Me eating a giant pretzel. 5. Another Harrods Christmas display dubbed 'The Harrods train'. 6. My lovely boyfriend and me after we put up the tree. 7. The Ferris wheel at Winter Wonderland. 8. My absolute fave: 
Lindt chocolate bears! 

And now to the present!

If I have any resolutions for the next year, it's get on the healthy train and to be happy. I know they say most resolutions are given up within the first few weeks of January but I'm determined. 
2014, I will be healthy!! 
I also look forward to another year with my baeu (the more the better tbh) 

And as for things I want to achieve: getting a job in my most desired field would be a plus but generally more editorial work experience, learning shorthand and finally enrolling on and NCTJ course is my aim.

2014, here's to you. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Review: Dinner with Mr Darcy

I have to say I was quite excited about receiving this particular cookery book, put together by the editor of Penguin's Great Food series. The title alone sounds amazing, after all, who wouldn't want to dine with Mr Darcy?

Jane Austen's novels and letters are lightly sauced with dishes, dinners and picnics... [that] let us put together a wonderful idea of what life tasted like at the time...

Pen Vogler's expedition through Georgian dining is an intimate culinary investigation that seeks to recreate the classic dishes that defined this era and revive those that are now estranged from the modern-day British menu. White soup, venison in white wine and strawberry tartlets all sound quite lovely but would you be up for trying braised beef cheek, or say, calf foot jelly? Though Vogler saves us from the hassle of extracting our own gelatin from a real calf foot and tells us to use gelatin leaves instead, unless you can stomach it, in which case, boil away. Another great thing about the book, or perhaps the Georgians, is the enthusiasm that surrounds cooking game and the creativity that goes into cooking such meats as we begin to make it more fashionable today. 

However Vogler provides more than just your usual recipe book that is page after page of confusing instructions and measurements. Readers are treated to a dining experience with some of Jane's most loved characters, like breakfast with General Tilney and Christmas with the Musgroves. And the feast doesn't draw there as we are given recipes for a selection of Jane's own family favourites, discovered from her letters to her sisters and friend Martha Lloyd, who later released her Household Book which recorded some of the many dishes that Jane ate with family and friends. 

Visually the book is beautiful, retaining a touch of grandeur and delicacy that simulates the extravagance of the Georgian dining table, that which is "exceedingly handsome" and set to impress. For the Georgian banquet was an elaborate kind of affair, intricately prepared in order to avoid any 'promiscuous seating' (yes, that really was a thing) and filled up with so much food that any rash movement would send a platter of savoury roasts flying across the room and onto the brand new oriental rug bought just last week for this very occasion. Yes, eating dinner was serious business and was crucial if one was to assert their social prominence. In Pride Prejudice, for example, upon inviting Mr. Bingley to dinner, 'already had Mrs Bennet planned the courses that were to do credit to her housekeeping'. 

In a line, Georgian eating was all one big massive showoff and Vogler details this wonderfully with pages dedicated to explaining table arrangements, kitchens, the role of the servants and the function of the pantry. 
Each dish is conveniently contextualised for our pleasure, (like who knew French toast was once known as the 'Poor Knights of Windsor'?) and for the sake of authenticity she alludes to recipes from a range of key Georgian cookery writers - the Nigella and Jamie of the day -with excerpts from the likes of John Nott's, who famously wrote The Cook's and Confectioner's Dictionary, and Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery for Private Families- the first domestic cookery book in British history.   

And so here we are with what is a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful read and a delectable compilation of time-honoured and sophisticated recipes made accessible.   

Dinner with Mr Darcy is available for purchase from for £16.99

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Preview: It's a Punderlife Life

They're often thought of as one of the more lowly forms of humour and a literary device absolutely exhausted by all newspaper sub-editors seeking their next big headline, like that one from The Mirror that read 'from Russia.. with gloves' (haha?).

But puns have been around for centuries, let's take Shakespeare, for example, the most renowned of all in English Literature when it comes to poetry, play-writing and, yes, puns. Even the Bible, one of the oldest books known to man, features puns and, let's be honest, if a pun is done well who can't help but grin a little at its charm?

That's why I'm SO excited to get my hands on Gemma Correll's next book, based on her hilarious online series, Monday Punday, she has bound some of her best and most ingenious illustrated puns to bring us It's a Punderful Life: a fun collections of puns and wordplay.

The book is said to feature some of her most popular illustrated puns as well as a a collection of brand new and never seen before illustrations. Luckily, as huge fan of Correll's drawing style (if you haven't already guessed) I've managed to get hold of just a few that will be featured...


Bitter coffee is clearly peed-off at the utter length of its name while the complimentary colours are all about the flattery... 

The refined sugars are somewhat of the upper class with their wine and poetry but really the surprise is with M&Ms... who knew they where bondage lovers?

Well, the rotten egg says it all really... 

Aren't they great?! 

It's a Punderful Life by Gemma Correll is due to be released in February 2014 by Dog 'n' Bone books and is available from 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP

Lady Gaga's highly anticipated third album, what she described as "a reverse Warholian expedition",  ARTPOP was finally released early last week and was introduced to the world in all its glory, living up to its title through artRAVE, an exclusive art-music event to party its release.

Upon the cover, designed by Gaga's favourite, Jeff Koons, is some large blue orb sitting encircled by a naked Gaga's legs who is sitting behind it, holding her breasts with a poker face stare and a long, blonde boxed-fringe wig (her signature do back in The Fame era). Behind her is a rather artistic montage combining the The Birth of Venus by 15th century artist Sandro Boticelli and Gianlorenzo Bernini's sculpture of Daphne- the love-struck nymph- provoking images of rebirth (another era), femininity and sexuality.

It's quite telling that the orb is a reflective object that, if you look closely, exposes the set and the camera men. That shine on the orb? Yeah that's the flash from the camera. Here we are allowed a small insight into the reality behind the art- that of which is supposedly embodied in her music.

Gaga opens the album with Aura- I killed my former/Left her in a trunk on highway 10/Put the knife under the hood/If you find it, send it straight to Hollywood as it then proceeds with a few seconds of evil laughter from the lady herself. It seems Lady Gaga's only gone and killed Yuyi the Mermaid in her departure from her previous album, Born This Way, as she sings "Enigma popstar is fun". So everybody say Yaaaaaaas Gaga- as she introduces another set of alter-egos in her art-pop endeavor.

Let's start with Venus in her seashell bikini and garden panties- Gaga becomes a goddess- a sexual one at that as we see in songs like Sexxx Dreams. And then there's Mary Jane Holland; her other pot-loving alter ego: The grass eats up my insides and my brunette starts to sprout/Introducing ladies and gentlemen/Mary Jane Holland!

The album is 100% pop goodness with oh so many catchy hooks and electric, synth popping melodies like that of Swine and Donatella that it'll have you singing along in no time.  But it is clear that Mother Monster plays around with different genres throughout the album, with a hip-hop track Jewels and Drugs featuring T.I, Too Short and Twista, not to mention her collab with R. Kelly on the R&B inspired track Do What U Want.

Another song, entitled Dope, the only slow tempo melody, expresses Gaga's relinquishment of her weed addiction as she sings "I need you more than dope".

The album ends with Applause, ironically her debut video for this album, which allegedly refers to her perseverance during her last tour, encouraged by the applause fans gave her after each show whilst performing with an unknown broken hip.

Gaga's attempt to combine art and popular culture in ARTPOP is definitely evident, more so than her previous albums and is definitely a change and, though pop, holds a different and varied kind of sound.

I have to admit since I bought the album I've been listening to it non-stop (yes, I'm a fan), it's artistic in the sense that Gaga does pop music well. I can't wait to see the music videos that come with it. Personal favourites include G.U.Y (I wanna be the Girl Under You), Gypsy, where Gaga proclaims in repetitive glory: I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a gypsy gypsy gypsy hey! Mary Jane Holland and Fashion!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Pug's Guide To Dating by Gemma Correll.

"Wrinkly of face and fragrant of backside, the pug is one of nature's most romantic creations..."

Following on from A Pug's Guide To Etiquette, self-proclaimed pug guru Gemma Correll is back with her latest installment of doggy self-help, this time in matters of the heart, for the lovable "twenty pound, wheezing, farting lothario".

As always with Correll's nifty little guides it is filled with cute and funny illustrations of wary and silly looking pugs- undoubtedly inspired by her two muses, Mr. Pickles and Bella. The book is a hilarious parody of modern dating and a great look-book into her signature drawing of the funny little canine.

And so for the pug in love, or indeed for the pug who is devoid of a mate, A Pug's Guide to Dating is the ultimate love-bible, covering the basics of the dating game from charming chat-up lines; "did you just roll in fox poop or is that your natural aroma", to how to perfect first impressions and chance encounters.

We are introduced to the philosophy of love- it holds no boundaries over size, colour or breed as Correll offers pugs in want of love everywhere tips on grooming and what to wear on that all important first date: "an enlightened pug knows how to make the best of whatever he has to work with".

And for those looking to inject some romance into their current relationships, Correll suggests some rather fanciful activities like stargazing, serenades or sharing the love over pan-fried tissues in an organic peanut butter jus and a "Yellow Snow" margarita.

Suitable pet names for your amour.. 

And then, as is life, the book delves onto the more fragile topics of relationships and how to come out successfully on the other side because "there are more plenty more dogs in the park".

All in all, this works as a great gift for any Gemma Corell fan and is also great as a little coffee table book as we are guided through the world of canine love. Go on human! Pick up your copy of A Pug's Guide To Dating from Ryland Peters & Small for £9.99

Monday, 14 October 2013

My attempts at being healthy are (severely) lacking...

OK so I haven't been for a run in a week and a half because life has been crazy- AKA I love my sleep when I'm having to work 7 days a week. WHAT'S MORE my lovely mother and awesome baker has not been helping my case. Check out these treats she's been cooking over the last week:

Starting from the left: Home-made apple biscuits, Baclava and Bread Pudding

Yes, that's right, ALL THIS in just 7 days. And that Baclava you see there, yeah, that's the second batch. God help my sugar levels for I think I need a dose of willpower. 
I can safely say I never knew my mum was such an avid baker but it's certainly not helping my efforts at being healthy.

SO I've decided that this is the plan:
- Enjoy my birthday week.
- Get back on running next Monday.

Fair enough, right?
I probably will have to start from the beginning when it comes to my running/walking times. Even though it's been a little over a week my inactivity will probably make an (unfortunate) impact on my fitness level.

In interning news, I'm really enjoying my time at BA Highlife and it's spurring me on to save and get my ass a NCTJ diploma.
Today I finished writing copy for a piece going in the December issue and I got to sit in on a production meeting. I also did some admin work sorting through a load of competition entries of drawings sent in by children- they were so adorable!