Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer update!

Hey everyone!

It's been a rather eventful couple of months what with my first internship, my graduation, job hunting (!) and my planned travels! It's been a little difficult to keep going with my blogging so I apologise for my terrible lack of posts- I know there's really no excuses!

Next week I'm off to the lovely Venice with my boyfriend and I cannot wait to explore this beautiful flooded city that is really so unique. I've heard that it's a great place to take long walks and just get lost in the culture there. As always I'm excited to try the local fare and get in with some real authentic cuisine. I'm going on quite a tight budget but hope to fit in a gondola ride somewhere along the way! I've heard that they can cost 80 euros in the day alone and are even pricier at night when romance can reach its peak! So I guess we'll just see what happens.
If any of you guys have any suggestions on some sights, attractions or things to do in the city please feel free to leave a comment!

I'll try my best to blog while I'm there but can definitely promise some snaps of my time there!

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Painted Lady: The Art of the Female Body.

The archaic opinion of the tattooed woman as a freak or a misfit is on its way out. In the twenty-first century, the tattooed woman is a successful business owner, a fashion icon, an actress, a lawyer, a musician, an artist... 

Written by Dominique Holmes, this beautifully illustrated little book traces the origins of feminine tattooing from the days when the painted lady was nothing more than a character in a freak show, to her evolution in today's modern world as a valid and prosperous counterpart.

As a tattoo artist herself, Holmes provides expert knowledge on the art of contemporary, feminine tattooing with back stories on such vintage greats as the pin-up girl, hearts, roses, butterflies and nautical imagery. She goes on to explore styles that have been particularly popular amongst women, like the intricate designs embedded within Mendhi tattoos, floral motifs and the vibrant glory of Japanese compositions.

The book also showcases the tattoos of women who explain their personal 'story' and give an interesting and enlightening perspective on the meaning of their body art.
As someone who is actually considering getting her first tattoo I can say that Holmes book has definitely given me some insight in to the world of tattooing and makes the idea of getting a tattoo all the more appealing.

Today we are inundated with strong, successful and brilliant tattooed women who grace our screens, our stereos, our bookshelves, and our minds; their body a part of who they are. 

With such graceful imagery throughout, this book would a beautiful edition to any bookshelf and is perfect for those searching for tattoo inspiration. Dominique Holmes extensive knowledge and experience in the industry also makes this book great for those who want to get up to speed on the meanings that lie behind some of the most popular designs in contemporary feminine tattooing.

Pick up your copy today from Ryland Peters and Small from £9.99.