Sunday, 31 March 2013

Day three: pancakes and such...

Happy Easter everyone!

So I thought I'd do a brief post before our last activity tonight.

Today we started the day off with a trip to the Keukenhof flower gardens. Because of the prolonged cold snap this year much of the outside display consisted of bare turf and the small beginnings of a flowery bloom. Inside the greenhouses however were a magnificent collection of large, brightly coloured flowers in magnificent displays with a sweet aroma in the air. It was a really scenic environment and I think I spent the majority of my time taking pictures more than anything.

The rest of the day was free time which was a great opportunity to try out some more food!
Being the last full day here in Amsterdam and still not having tried Dutch herring or Pannenkoeken (pancakes) today was officially the day to pig out! That's right, I got both and I have no regrets. Both were excellent dishes. The herring is like a snack food, smoked and served with raw onion and gherkins, bringing about an overall rich and salty mouthful of yummyness. You can get it served as a sandwich or on its own at any stall that reads Frens Haringhandal. I braved it and chose to eat it on its own and truthfully I can say it was quite the authentic treat.

We then headed off to Pancakes! This place is practically featured in all of our guide books so we just had to try it out. Being small (25 seats) and also a favourite here amongst locals and tourists there was an hour wait outside in the cold. But the feeling of misery was only short lived once we were inside and our meals were ordered. The eatery offers a scrumptious array of sweet and savoury pancakes. I personally ordered one with bacon, which were inside the cake, with beautiful triangles of Camembert and dollops of plum compote. It was definitely worth the wait.

Tonight is our last night here in the city and most of us our heading out for an all you can drink cruise (hence my blogging now...) and I can't wait!

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