Wednesday, 31 October 2012

More stuff about nails.

Today I thought I'd treat myself... So I got my nails did. 

They're gel powder with OPI nail lacquer. The flower was etched onto the nail with considerable precision (how cool is that!) using acrylic. I thought I'd go for a darker colour what with the winter season, hence the deep shade of plum (no they're not black). I asked the lady to keep them as natural looking as possible as to avoid overtly fake (tacky) looking nails. I can't handle really long nails either so they're not too long- it took me long enough to get to grips with my Blackberry keyboard just at this length! I'm really happy with the way they look though I'm not sure about getting fillers at this point. I am on a student budget after all (cry, cry, cry). I'm also slightly worried about how much damage they'll potentially cause to my actual nails but I guess the only thing to right now is to enjoy them. Woot! 
Evidently my venture with the nail biting solution didn't last as long as I'd hoped. I got really sick of the stuff as it practically contaminated everything I touched. I was also still biting my nails.. funnily enough. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Pretty Pandora

I've always wanted a charm bracelet. I know when I was kid I used to see them as these really cool bits of jewellery with toys on. I now know that's actually not the case... 

For my 21st I received a Pandora bracelet from Stella. I know there are already tons of photos of them sprawled all over the internet but I love it so much I thought I'd take pictures (show off etc). This one is mine. The Pandora bracelet is the perfect modernization of a charm bracelet and not quite as overbearing as traditional bracelets. The charms are simple and chic, albeit expensive! But it makes for a very, very pretty bracelet. I currently have 3 charms, including the 21 charm which really defines this baby. 

Of course as soon I got it I rushed to put it on and see what it would look like on my wrist. It took me a while to realize that the bracelet is actually held together by the official Pandora clasp in the middle. As I thought it was just a simple charm I had a massive panic when trying to slide it down my hand and it not going anywhere past my fingers! Rookie mistake. A little internet research definitely goes a long way.. 
Anyway, I just know I'm going to obsess over the accumulation of charms- I really like all the pink glass ones - I'm going to raid the latest Autumn collection come next pay day. 


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Have an arctic time at Below Zero London.

After hearing a lot of talk about Mayfair's famous Ice Bar London I naturally grew curious. 'OMG, I know, I'll book it for my birthday!' I thought with excitement. 'How uber cooooooooooooool' (s'cuse the pun).

So after searching vigorously for some sort of birthday package I learnt that the ICEBAR doesn't do birthday gigs and claims that the experience is "so novel and sensuous that it is a special occasion in itself". Fair enough.
It costs a rather modest £16 per head, or £20, if you want to treat yourself and go down the champers route. You can book online for up to 8 people or call and make a reservation if you have bigger party of people. Sessions are for 40 minutes.

ICEBAR by ICE HOTEL promises a unique experience and, let's be frank, that's exactly what it was. It is truly unique, where else in London is there an Icebar? It's a glacial delicacy in a, fairly small, venue based in central London. The bar was crammed with extravagant icy sculptures and large ice walls that made for quite a squishy experience, considering the amount of people that are allowed into the bar during one session. There were 2 ice tables with leather sofas which meant huddling somewhere along the others for 40 minutes. There is also a timer on the wall, haunting your experience, to remind you how long before your time is up.

It's the world made of ice! 

Now I'm not trying to put a downer on the whole experience, there were loads of photo opportunities and we got to wear 'designer' thermal capes and mittens to keep warm. You receive a free drink on entry and prices for a top-up vary from £6-£8 depending on what type of drink you want. The bar was made of literal ice, drinks were served in glasses made of ice (what else?) and you can't help but feel at least a little excited when stood in the middle of a room of ice. It was cold but it's in the name really..

It's definitely one for the 'to do' list.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Another 'keep your comments to yourself!' situation

Here's another brilliant example of celebrity lady taking a stand against critics condemning her body- in this case, it was film maker and actress, Lena Dunham and her thighs which caught the unwarranted scrutiny and baseless commentary from media and internet folks.

After turning up to an event showing off her legs in a pair of micro-shorts bloggers criticized her for "not wearing any pants".

Lena bit back at her commentators, declaring "I don't think a girl with tiny thighs would have received such no-pants attention. I think what it really was . . . 'Why did you all make us look at your thighs?' My response is, get used to it because I am going to live to be 100, and I am going to show my thighs every day until I die" [Papermag via Fasionista]

Now that's what I'm talking about!

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Old habits die hard and all that...

A bit of a random post really but I thought I'd praise (rant about) this wonderful working solution to all nail biting habits (kind of). 

I've tried to stop biting my nails before through pure will power, but alas that didn't work. So here I am. At the last resort.

So far, it's proved itself quite well in keeping my fingers as far away from my face, let alone from my mouth, as possible. That might be why it's also recommended to parents as a way to stop their children from sucking their thumbs... (Now that's just harsh!)

Don't be fooled by its small size, this little little sucker is quite powerful, potent in its smell, which oddly is rather minty, and if it reaches your fingers it will taint pretty much anything you touch- take for example a grape, a crisp, your lips (do not put your fingers in you lip balm tin, I beg you!). I find myself retching after unconsciously putting my finger to my mouth. This thing really does provide the nasty taste it promises on the packet and can leave a bitter taste on your tongue for quite a while afterwards. 

All in all, this is a bit of a mixed review to be honest. I'm actually terrified of putting my hands anywhere near my face but yet I am actually glad of this result. At £4.20 it's not really so bad. It does what it promises, even if it does feel like a punishment. 

Now just to wait for the beautiful nails.. 

Friday, 5 October 2012

She did what?!

I’m guessing we’ve all heard the news from somewhere or other, I mean, how could we not, it’s practically been portrayed as one of the biggest controversies of the year.
Lady Gaga has gained some weight and it’s assumed to be anywhere from exactly 25 to 30lbs (apparently).
Shock, freaking, horror.
The criticism followed after some photos were posted of the star looking “meaty” during her performance at The Born This Way Ball, with comments that hit the star claiming that she’s “too fat” for a celebrity.

A “fat gaga”… Though I personally think this has been ‘shopped
Gaga was quick to respond to her arguably, hypercritics, stating that she is “proud at any size”.
The Born This Way star released a statement on her website that outlined her own personal struggle with weight and an insecure body image since she was 15 years old and moved on to announce her new movement geared towards self acceptance- The Body Revolution 2013.
Alongside her statement, she posted a series of pictures that showed her in a yellow bikini, exhibiting her body in a manner of poses, as a means to demonstrate that she really doesn’t give a fig.
Since then the star has taken other measures, like diving head first into a fake meat grinder during her latest Born This Way gig in Antwerp,Belgium, to illustrate her concerns with the media industry’s portrayal of body image in celebrity culture.
At last, it seems, a celebrity is finally speaking out about the pressures brought about by the media, particularly on women, about what is deemed desirable and acceptable in society to look a certain way (you know the one: skinny, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, practically NO cellulite, etc) and is bringing in a positive message about self-esteem.
Good on her, I say.
A bold, proud, and fearless approach, by a celebrity, against the mainstream media’s representation of the female physique, and indeed the body in general, has arguably been, long awaited.
At least, it’s a much better one than the one Kate Moss carelessly declared “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” back in 2009.
You go Gagaǃ
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