Friday, 29 March 2013

Day one: the journey begins...

My, it's been a long day. What with over 12 hours of travelling from London all the way here to Amsterdam I am well and truly zonked out! We set off at 7 this morning but had to get a ferry 2 hours later than our expected time and so naturally the order of the day was slightly disrupted. I can safely say, however, that despite all that the day has been a generally good one. Everyone's been getting to know each other, making friends. I've made plans with some fellow solo travellers of the group already which is great- I was slightly apprehensive about potentially having to explore the city on my lonesome but now all is right with the world (yay, friends!).

I was also worried about just what exactly it was that I was going to do once here as nearly ALL the museums are sold out over the Easter weekend. Luckily Top Deck offer some pretty cool optional tour activities that you can take to coincide with your trip (really helpful!!). So I went with that.

So, tomorrow will be jam packed with activities, starting the day with a bike tour around the city, followed by a trip to the Heineken brewery. After that I believe we will be going to watch a sex show in the eve which should be interesting, to say the least....

As for now, I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep!


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