Friday, 5 April 2013

Day four: Clogs and Cheese.

And so, after many a waffle, pancake, and beer came the end to a long and eventful Easter weekend spent in brisk Amsterdam.  Alas, all good things must come to an end, right?!- Ahhh but not before a quick visit to the Rembrandt Hoeve cheese and clog factory!

Situated just outside Amsterdam is this traditional little farm, which dates all the way back to the 15th century, and is one of four that specalizes in the production of clogs and delicious, organic cheese. The strong scent of cheese mingled with wet wood was only too noteiceable upon entering the place. The tour demonstrates the making of traditional dutch cheese as well as the signature clog shoe. At the end of the tour you are led into the shop, faced with a variety of sample cheeses at the ready- including garlic, pepper, and even smoked cheese and bacon. The man who conducted the tour - the farmer himself - was quite a funny, eccentric sort of character and it may be useful to note that this is not your average show and tell kinda deal. This guy is just full of the jokes and won't hesistate to make you a part of them! But one must not take him too seriously- he was certainly entertaining and actually a really great laugh.

Lots and lots of cheese!

And lots and lots of clog shoes!
The visit to the farm was a nice way to end the tour, especially after the boozy night beforehand, to take in the peaceful pastoral scenery in the dewy morning air. After the tour we were homeward bound and boarded the coach back to Calle.

Overall the Topdeck-led-Amsterdam-tour was a great experience and really good fun. It was a weekend crammed with activities that encompassed a range of tastes and preferences which bodes well for anyone who may want a certain experience of the city, or better yet, for those looking for variety. Again I'd like to thank Topdeck for this brilliant opportunity.

Vaarwell Amsterdam - It's been a blast!

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