Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review: So You Think You're A Hipster?

What happened to your local area? Where did all these twenty-somethings in beanies and ripped skinny jeans come from? Why does the air hang thick with the foul stench of soya milk lattes and organic cupcakes?

In her delightfully satiric manual, Kara Simsek provides the low-down on the modern-day phenomenon, the so-called elite of today's young urbanites: The Hipster.

If you're gunna be a Hipster you need to be a flap-back wearing, non-prescription wayfarer owner with a set of seriously sweet garms and a moustache. 

Brilliantly illustrated by Paul Parker, her guide leads us through all the Hipster sub-categories (if there ever was such a thing) with 50 witty and insightful observations of the self-proclaimed, "cooler than cooler" ghetto embracing youth of today.

Simsek covers the basics for any aspiring Hipster like how one should tend to their facial hair (I personally dig "the hulkamaniac"),  on how to cater to their diet (all fresh and locally sourced organic foods, obviously), haircuts, glasses, tattoos and even dogs.

Flicking through the pages you'll also find the detailed explanations of such Hipsters like, The Urban Hunter: "the all action city woodsman", the Goth Lolita, the Cupcake Baker, and the Aspiring novelist...

She's so accurate that I can't help but recognize some of them, especially that blogger one...

All in all, this colourful little book works great as a gift (heck, give it to a Hipster friend!) and is just generally a really quick and funny read. Published by Dog 'n' Bone, you can pick up your copy here for the not-so Hipsterish price of £9.99.

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