Monday, 20 May 2013

Book Review: Vintage Beauty Parlor by Hannah Wing

Are you longing to wear your hair like Brigitte Bardot? Flutter your eyelashes like the doe-eyed actresses of yesteryear, Anna Karina and Marilyn Monroe? Or perhaps you're wanting to strut the glamorous allure of Marlene Dietrich... 

Well great because Hannah Wing will show you how with her practical little manual with step by step guidance on how to master such beautiful and iconic vintage styles of the 20th century.  

As a professional make-up artist and stylist who runs her own business, Bellus Femina, and just so happens to write beauty and style blogs for The Vintage Festival, Wing is certainly the expert when it comes to vintage fashion and beauty.

Her book is an essential go-to-guide with tutorials which cover basic make-up and hair styling tips alongside several chapters dedicated to recreating looks from every decade, from the classy, sultry look of the 1920s and the 1930s debutante, down to the disco divas of the 1970s and the bold punk looks of the '80s. Every decade comes with its own colour palette (how useful is that?!) and suggestions on how to complete your look with suitable fashion pieces, accessories and even fragrances!

Wing goes on to provide readers with expert knowledge about each era and how the prevailing trends came about, like the stylish, yet practical victory rolls of the 1940s, inspired by the desire to stay feminine in the workplace as women took over the British workforce during WW11.

This book is great if you're wanting to spruce up your every-day look and add some glamour to your wardrobe and equally as good if you're in need of some advice for a fancy-dress do.

Treat yourself and order Vintage Beauty Parlor from Ryland Peters & Small for a modest £14.99.
I would especially recommend this book for any vintage fashion enthusiasts and fashionistas!

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