Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hard Rock Calling Fest

Hey everyone! 
Today I thought I'd post about my excitement for the Hard Rock Calling festival at Hyde Park which begins this Friday until Sunday. Since its birth in 2006 Hard Rock Calling has been presenting audiences with a commendable compilation of some of the finest rock, metal, grunge, punk, and alternative music artists there is going. It has expanded from its once rather small 2 stage venue to accommodate more acts with now up to 4 stages, and whilst some might argue that's it's still a pretty small festival, I would say that size is of no relevance when it comes to the quality of acts brought to stage. This year the festival is retaining their spark and is headlining some pretty legendary acts such as "The Boss" that is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and old school American punk band Iggy and the Stooges! Paul Simon from the '60s American folk music duo Simon and Garfunkel will also be performing as well as 90's grunge group Soundgarden. I'm also aware that more contemporary acts like Christina Perri and Kids in Glass Houses will  be taking to the main stage as well as other brilliant acts throughout the festival.

As well as this wonderful array of top artists, the festival will be hosting fresh new talent on their Hard Rock Rising stage which will give emerging artists from across the globe the opportunity to showcase their musical talents and their Hard Rock skills to audiences. So the festival really is providing festival goers with a crème de la crème of performances, with new and old acts, throughout the 3 days of hard rocking.

I myself will be looking forward to having a fabulous time after winning the opportunity to have a 'Cool Job' with Digital Spy courtesy of the Hard Rock Calling competition (that I actually won!) that promises to give aspiring journalists the chance to report from the festival! I am so utterly excited to be taking part in this truly MASSIVE opportunity. Not only do I get to watch some pretty awesome acts but I actually get to go out there and gain valuable experience in the journalism field!!
My camera and my note taking skills will definitely be at the ready! 
Wish me luck guys!!!

I'm signing out with one of my fave Stooges song:

Thanks for reading!

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