Friday, 20 July 2012

Brimless hat

Today I have uploaded a few pictures of this elegant brimless ladies hat (a toque?) that was crocheted by Stella. The hat itself is quite interesting just because it doesn't have a brim at all. Apparently, such type of hats were popular in Europe during the 13th to the 16th centuries, especially in France. Now the only brimless hats, apart from say, beanies or woolly hats, are the white starched chef hats that became popular in the 18th century, again in France. On the other hand, this little number is stylish, made with 'love ring' crochet patterning around the top. On the bottom (on the tiny bit of brim) Stella has added some shimmery polyester yarn to add that little bit of sparkle and on the front she has stitched on a very cute little flower, in keeping with the white scheme of the hat, alongside some very nice netting at the top. This is a very lovely piece that is great for formal occasions like weddings and the very fact that it doesn't have a brim makes it all that more unique. 

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