Thursday, 5 July 2012

A 2:1 isn't good enough?

Well, according to the Guardian this may actually be so for the graduates of 2012 on wards.
As I myself am about to take on my last year at university I can’t help but die a little inside at the thought of even trying to find a job after university. What with the miserable prospect of a declining economic climate and a dim job market, it’s a nightmare for any graduate of today and it doesn't exactly help either seeing all these depressing statements occupying the headlines. It is said that more than 75% of employers now require a minimum of a 2:1 degree, which has soared from the half bad 52% in 2004. Whilst the AGR claim that there will be rise in graduate salaries, it is also expected that job vacancies will fall by 0.6% leaving graduates with a tougher outlook when it comes to finding a job.
It also seems that the average student has more to be doing than just obtaining that all important degree because the harsh reality is that it just isn't really worth all that much anymore. The want for a 2:1 may well be there but so is the necessity of an above-average and accomplished personal profile. It’s all about the extra-curricular stuff, the volunteering, and the accumulation of skills and experience that employers are said to be looking for in today’s competitive market. A degree is not enough and in that neither is having just a good grade. It just helps to have one is all.
In all this, the old words of comfort: “you have plenty of time” have expired. What time is there left to even think about aspirations when students are now expected to know exactly what they want to do upon leaving university. I mean, as if the stress of assignments, deadlines, reading lists, having a social life, etc, isn't enough, students now have to be thinking about their career from the onset. We have approached the age of “the switched on student” who doesn't really have that much time (or money) to mess around. Forget soul-searching because the demand to have a good CV with all the relevant experiences has become crucial. The pressure is on and it doesn't seem like there can be much done about it either.

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  1. I'm going into my last year too and my gosh this whole economic climate is soo annoying!cool post though! Onto more happier subjects I loveee your new loafers your purchased from tkmaxx! finding a new item in tkmaxx is the best ever. They have some really nice pieces its all about the hunt though. Still regret not buying a jumper from there I wanted like months ago haha!


    1. First off: thanks for reading my post! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yes, I thoroughly agree, the current climate for students and graduates is very depressing!

      I'm really happy I found those loafers haha, TK Maxx does do some really nice stuff.
      I will be sure to check out your blog! :)
      Take care!