Monday, 2 July 2012

Flowery bedspread

Hellooooo :)
Today I've uploaded this beautiful crochet bedspread made by Stella. Ideally this spread would cover a single sized bed, however I have taken pictures of it laid out on a double bed (hence why the spread only covers half of the duvet, oops!). Again, this piece has been made using an afghan stitch and as you can see from the photos it has a tiled floral motif with a very pretty colour scheme consisting of pastel pinks, purples, and reds. The flowers hold immense detail and have been stitched to the centre of every other tiled section of the spread. The edging is also very beautifully done with triangles of shell stitching and honeycomb mesh. This is another one of my favourites and it's pretty obvious that a lot of work has gone into this piece. I kinda wish I could knit and crochet! If I'm honest, I'm actually a little bit jealous!