Friday, 5 October 2012

She did what?!

I’m guessing we’ve all heard the news from somewhere or other, I mean, how could we not, it’s practically been portrayed as one of the biggest controversies of the year.
Lady Gaga has gained some weight and it’s assumed to be anywhere from exactly 25 to 30lbs (apparently).
Shock, freaking, horror.
The criticism followed after some photos were posted of the star looking “meaty” during her performance at The Born This Way Ball, with comments that hit the star claiming that she’s “too fat” for a celebrity.

A “fat gaga”… Though I personally think this has been ‘shopped
Gaga was quick to respond to her arguably, hypercritics, stating that she is “proud at any size”.
The Born This Way star released a statement on her website that outlined her own personal struggle with weight and an insecure body image since she was 15 years old and moved on to announce her new movement geared towards self acceptance- The Body Revolution 2013.
Alongside her statement, she posted a series of pictures that showed her in a yellow bikini, exhibiting her body in a manner of poses, as a means to demonstrate that she really doesn’t give a fig.
Since then the star has taken other measures, like diving head first into a fake meat grinder during her latest Born This Way gig in Antwerp,Belgium, to illustrate her concerns with the media industry’s portrayal of body image in celebrity culture.
At last, it seems, a celebrity is finally speaking out about the pressures brought about by the media, particularly on women, about what is deemed desirable and acceptable in society to look a certain way (you know the one: skinny, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, practically NO cellulite, etc) and is bringing in a positive message about self-esteem.
Good on her, I say.
A bold, proud, and fearless approach, by a celebrity, against the mainstream media’s representation of the female physique, and indeed the body in general, has arguably been, long awaited.
At least, it’s a much better one than the one Kate Moss carelessly declared “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” back in 2009.
You go Gagaǃ
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