Sunday, 14 October 2012

Have an arctic time at Below Zero London.

After hearing a lot of talk about Mayfair's famous Ice Bar London I naturally grew curious. 'OMG, I know, I'll book it for my birthday!' I thought with excitement. 'How uber cooooooooooooool' (s'cuse the pun).

So after searching vigorously for some sort of birthday package I learnt that the ICEBAR doesn't do birthday gigs and claims that the experience is "so novel and sensuous that it is a special occasion in itself". Fair enough.
It costs a rather modest £16 per head, or £20, if you want to treat yourself and go down the champers route. You can book online for up to 8 people or call and make a reservation if you have bigger party of people. Sessions are for 40 minutes.

ICEBAR by ICE HOTEL promises a unique experience and, let's be frank, that's exactly what it was. It is truly unique, where else in London is there an Icebar? It's a glacial delicacy in a, fairly small, venue based in central London. The bar was crammed with extravagant icy sculptures and large ice walls that made for quite a squishy experience, considering the amount of people that are allowed into the bar during one session. There were 2 ice tables with leather sofas which meant huddling somewhere along the others for 40 minutes. There is also a timer on the wall, haunting your experience, to remind you how long before your time is up.

It's the world made of ice! 

Now I'm not trying to put a downer on the whole experience, there were loads of photo opportunities and we got to wear 'designer' thermal capes and mittens to keep warm. You receive a free drink on entry and prices for a top-up vary from £6-£8 depending on what type of drink you want. The bar was made of literal ice, drinks were served in glasses made of ice (what else?) and you can't help but feel at least a little excited when stood in the middle of a room of ice. It was cold but it's in the name really..

It's definitely one for the 'to do' list.

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