Friday, 11 October 2013

The BA Highlife

I finally managed to land internship number two, this time at British Airways Highlife Magazine. Today marked the end of my first week a the magazine and what can I say about my time there so far? It's a really good experience, no really. I'm not just saying it because it's an actual REAL-LIFE PROPER INTERNSHIP, I actually feel like I'm learning a lot from my time there. Why? Well firstly I'm not just sat there, ho hum, twiddling away my fingers as the forgotten intern with nothing to do but wait to make tea and deliver people's post.
Secondly, the folk at Highlife seemed to have chucked me in to the deep end with a variety of tasks sent my way, from the usual admin-y stuff to sub-editing, transcribing, research, etc to actually being allowed to sit in meetings. How cool is that?! In my experience I've never been allowed to sit in meetings and to seriously contribute ideas.
Thirdly, everyone is super friendly and welcoming which is just what you need when you're the intern with little clue into the everyday workings of the magazine.
And finally, I'm coming to realize that travel and life style are areas I'd love to write about.
I definitely recommend getting involved with BA Highlife if magazines and travel writing is your thing. The only downside is that the internship is only two weeks which is incredibly short. But I'm hoping to make the most of my time there (and secretly hoping I'll land a job too).

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