Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Pug's Guide To Dating by Gemma Correll.

"Wrinkly of face and fragrant of backside, the pug is one of nature's most romantic creations..."

Following on from A Pug's Guide To Etiquette, self-proclaimed pug guru Gemma Correll is back with her latest installment of doggy self-help, this time in matters of the heart, for the lovable "twenty pound, wheezing, farting lothario".

As always with Correll's nifty little guides it is filled with cute and funny illustrations of wary and silly looking pugs- undoubtedly inspired by her two muses, Mr. Pickles and Bella. The book is a hilarious parody of modern dating and a great look-book into her signature drawing of the funny little canine.

And so for the pug in love, or indeed for the pug who is devoid of a mate, A Pug's Guide to Dating is the ultimate love-bible, covering the basics of the dating game from charming chat-up lines; "did you just roll in fox poop or is that your natural aroma", to how to perfect first impressions and chance encounters.

We are introduced to the philosophy of love- it holds no boundaries over size, colour or breed as Correll offers pugs in want of love everywhere tips on grooming and what to wear on that all important first date: "an enlightened pug knows how to make the best of whatever he has to work with".

And for those looking to inject some romance into their current relationships, Correll suggests some rather fanciful activities like stargazing, serenades or sharing the love over pan-fried tissues in an organic peanut butter jus and a "Yellow Snow" margarita.

Suitable pet names for your amour.. 

And then, as is life, the book delves onto the more fragile topics of relationships and how to come out successfully on the other side because "there are more plenty more dogs in the park".

All in all, this works as a great gift for any Gemma Corell fan and is also great as a little coffee table book as we are guided through the world of canine love. Go on human! Pick up your copy of A Pug's Guide To Dating from Ryland Peters & Small for £9.99

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