Monday, 23 September 2013

my trainers are cool, right?

So I got myself up early this morning and went for another run after a decent warm-up session, (I refuse to go through the horrid leg pain similar to the one I endured over the weekend again).
I'm really trying to get in to this habit of just getting up and going for a run instead of trying to mentally motivate myself every time but, of course, it's motivation that gets things done. Apparently one can change a habit within 21 days.. Though I wonder how accurate that theory really is...
My run lasted for approximately 30 minutes (again walking and running in between) and I think I'm going at a fairly good pace. The burn in my chest wasn't as bad this time around which can only be good, I guess. I have to admit, it can be quite difficult to keep tabs on my timing and often end up approximating my running and walking time. I'm tempted to wear a watch!

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