Thursday, 22 August 2013

Book Review: The Really Hungry Student Cookbook

The infamous student diet is most typically associated with carb-concentrated frozen dinners, alcohol and greasy takeaways. Oh and let's not forget the comfort foods during exam time! Let's be honest, living on a student budget can leave us feeling uninspired when it comes to cooking. Sometimes it's just a lack of know-how when it comes to basic kitchen skills but more often than not, it can be down to a lack of time, what with deadlines and socials, and a serious lack of money, meaning that we often stack up on cheap eats and fast-foods to get us through our days at university.

However, if you're looking for some culinary inspiration and to cook up something besides your usual frozen chips and pizza, The Really Hungry Student Cookbook is any student's go-to guide for getting up to speed on delicious, quick and easy recipes that aren't so harsh on your pocket.

The cookbook is packed with 'stress-free' and easy to follow recipes designed for healthier eating and home-made dishes on a budget. Recipes range from indulgent breakfasts and desserts to home-made comfort foods and light lunches. It also offers an array of delightful vegetarian options and goes on to cover party snacks and foods that'll show your mates that you actually care about your palate with a section of 'posh nosh foods'.

Some of us have tried (unsuccessfully) to whip up an impressive meal for our hall mates to envy only to conjure up something that actually appears inedible due to an admirable amount of guesswork and some questionable substitutes. Well, not to worry as the book offers an entire section dedicated to kitchen wisdom (removing odours from your Tupperware?), kitchen safety (how not to use a microwave) and a list of handy ingredients to store in your cupboard so you can master the realms of your student kitchen and the art of cooking well.

So if you're a hungry student wishing to change your eating habits, dodge your Goodfella's pizza and make yourself some mini 'pizzettes' or add some variety to your usual pasta dish with a puttanesca sauce (my personal favourite).

The Really Hungry Student Cookbook can be found at Ryland Peters and Small for £9.99

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