Friday, 28 June 2013

My first internship

Hey everyone!

So I should probably fill you in with what's been going on recently. Two weeks ago I got a long awaited and rather unexpected email from Now magazine inviting me for an internship. After a year of waiting I seriously thought my application had been discarded to the trash folder long ago so it was a pretty pleasant surprise. It was the best news and just what I'm looking for now that university is over *sob*.

I'm working in the web department and my duties certainly don't involve making cups of tea for my superiors! A typical day consists of transcribing articles and helping to produce online content for the magazine's website. Like today I practically spent the whole day researching baby shoes (I don't have my own column just yet!) and compiling pictures for a Royal birth themed gallery (yes, most of my day was spent oohing and awwing at uber cute mini footwear).

If I've learnt anything so far it's to never underestimate the work that goes into producing an online article. You assume it'll be simple and quick (which it can be) but these tasks really involve double, if not triple checks, scrutiny and attention to detail because even the smallest of errors can be fatal. It's also so easy to become lost for words, even if it's writing something small like a caption; you just sit there asking yourself whether you really did spend the last three years of your life completing an English degree. Thankfully, there's and practise does lead to the eventual formation (never perfection) of a sentence that won't be totally lost when subbed.

Well anyway, the experience has been a real eye opener into celebrity and web journalism and I'm learning something new everyday. I've been lucky enough to attend one press event. On Wednesday I got to go Fern Cotton's launch of her new home ware range for Her pieces were very pretty, very girlie and quite vintage chic (if there is such a thing) with a running floral motif on most of them. She's released everything from sofas, cat inspired lampshades to rugs and pillows.

I have loads of pillows on my bed so the cat pillow caught my eye, plus its probably the most affordable piece... 

I'm going to end this post here and will update again soon. I'm still waiting for my laptop to return from repair, it's been 2 weeks to too long!! 

Thanks for reading x

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