Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lancome: Gel Eclat

Lancome are  a brand that are usually associated with bringing luxury and quality with their products. 

This little number is a cleanser for all skin types with a "pearly foam" that supposedly "acts deep down to free skin of toxins and impurities". It claims to be "rich in anti-oxidants, with white Lotus and Rose de France". The latter ingredient is probably why it smells so good. The gel is quite thick and you only really need a little bit to do the job. Overall, you do get a sense of luxury whilst using this product. Though I have to be honest, I usually prefer exfoliating face-washes as I feel like I really need to scrub away at my face, albeit with a gentle cleanser, to really get rid of the dirt in my pores. So it feels weird just lathering on this smooth gel that, quite frankly, acts a bit like body gel. The only semblance I get of 'clean' is that once rinsed off, my face is left feeling quite dry. So I guess if you're one who doesn't want a trace of moisture on your face- this is for you. 


  1. great review! i don't think that this is for me though :)

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  2. Nice review :)

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